Town Hall lit in Ukraine flag colours

If you are a guest coming to Melksham / Chippenham / Corsham / Lacock or nearby
fill out this form to give us basic information and help us find you a match.

Для українців - див (тут)

16 червня 2022 року. Майже всі наші доступні господарі зараз зібрані з гостями з України, тому - вибачте - ми зараз переповнені, і навіть якщо ви заповните нашу форму, ми навряд чи зможемо допомогти. Якщо у вас уже є друзі чи родина в нашому районі, і ви хочете бути ближче до них, будь ласка, повідомте нам (хтовони і де вони), і ми спробуємо допомогти.

16th June 2022. Almost all of our available host have now been matched with guests from Ukraine so - sorry - we are now full and even if you complete our form it is very unlikely we will be able to help. If you already have friends or family in our area and want to come to be close to them, please let us know (who they are and where they are) and we will try to help.
Please complete this form to register as a guest

Questions for everyone

Your Name (in English) 
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Other languages? 
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Extra questions for potential guests

Are you safe where you are now? 
Please select YES if you are safe or
NO if you are in a war zone

Where is your home? 
Where did you live / consider your home?

Where are you now? 
Where are you now?

Where is your preferred location? 
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Looking for accomodation in the UK
Please fill in a line for each guest
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Number rooms sought 
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Are you bringing pets, and if so, what? 
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Are you drinkers? 
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Are you smokers? 
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Do any of you have any allergies 
This is to help us match sponsors and guests

Do any of you have any significant disabilities 
Do you or any or your party have disabilities?

Significant family remaining in Ukraine 
Are any of your family remaining in Ukraine

Your interests/Hobbies 
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Your employment background 
What do / did you do for work?

Anything more about you for our matching team? 
Anything else you want to tell us?
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